The Future Starts Now: digitalized International Days brings the community together

The Future Starts Now!
An optimistic and promising phrase, and indeed a must-need element of confidence during these challenging times for humanity.
For some, the future without limits and restrictions is far away. For some, however, the current „normal” is not going to end ever.
The organizing team of the annual International Days at the University of Wroclaw responded to the challenges faced by all of us and decided to bring the international community back together. Though it was impossible to share the emotions together, speak about our plans and stand by the microphone, and asking questions to professors, still, the community managed to be united.

International Days is a crucial element of multicultural integration. The invariable organizer of the event was the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication – one of the most dynamically developing research and teaching institutions, not only at the University of Wrocław but also on a national scale.

The organizer of the International Days, Dr. Patrycja Rozbicka thinks that the event is not only about bonding with other people, but also looking forward – to our common future.

“During this event, we wanted to take a look at the foreseeable future from different points of view – from ecological through economic to psychological. We wanted to know how we are going to operate as a diverse society, ”said Dr. Rozbicka, adding that the online format was very challenging.

On March 23, the Days kicked off with the „Together or Alone” scientific conference, where prominent speakers Dr. Hab. Piotr P. Khruszczewski, Dr. Hab. Magdalena Ratajczak and Dr. Hab. Katarzyna Kajdanek presented very interesting topics related to communication across societies and our social behavior in the era of present and post-pandemic.

During the conference topics such as the behavior of society before and during the pandemic, as well as the future of big cities were discussed.

The next day students were able to explore the importance of ecology in the lives of humans.

Later, the exhibition of the graphic works was opened in the School of Journalism. Students from different faculties of the university have presented their photos to the jury committee, and the best photos have been displayed. The authors of the best photos were awarded.

Dr. Rozbicka thinks that the goal of the event was to take a look at the foreseeable future from different points of view, precisely from ecological, economic, and psychological perspectives.

 “During rapid changes and unexpected events, we begin to wonder – how our life is going to be in a few months or years? Especially in those times, we start to feel very unsure and anxious so we do everything we can to prepare the best for the future.


The organizer adds that the focus was primarily on workshops, which were mainly introduced to the audience within International Days program in recent years.

“Of course, we had to invest more time and work in the organization of the event, mostly because of technical issues,” continues Dr. Rozbicka, highlighting that online communication management demands a different approach.

Certainly, it would have been impossible to organize such a crucial event without a team. The team members managed to work productively throughout the process of preparation and event days in the unusual and new format of the event.

Totally, around 100 people took part in this year’s edition. Certainly, the exhaustion over online events, activities is visible, with people seeking normality. In fact, we all are seeking normality.

The question is – what does it mean? There’s a need to redefine it – the new normality post-COVID-19. „The future starts now (again), that’s for sure!” concludes Dr. Rozbicka, with the hope of upcoming real normality.



Author: Suliddin Baghirov

Photo courtesy: International Days


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